Coaching is forward looking. It is a dynamic partnership geared towards helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Coaching is a pragmatic personalized process in which we will design an actionable approach to help you accomplish the change you desire. We will build your resilience - the ability to shift yourself from a reactive state to

a calm and cohesive one.

In our work together you will be introduced to new skills and resources and have the benefit of a trusted partner committed to working with you to create your path towards transformation.



We will work together to cultivate and grow your resilience, the ability to move yourself to a grounded and resourced state, to renew yourself,

so that you can respond to the opportunities before you instead of reacting to them.


Even in times of loss and grief, or heavy pressure, we will work together to find effective ways for you to come back to a resourced state.

TEL: 510-387-1951

Oakland, CA 94610

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